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Japan suffered a heavy land bubble and its collapse in 1980s & 1990s.
After the collapse, deflation lasted for around 15 years.
Please read "What Caused the Bubble?" below.

 01. What Caused the Bubble? - Memories of a Bubble in Japan -

 02. What Caused the Bubble? - Swarm Intelligence -

 03. What Caused the Bubble? - Diffusion of Inflationary Expectations -

 04. What Caused the Bubble? - Genes of Speculation, Price, and Value -

 05. What Caused the Bubble? - Mechanism of a New Type Emergence -

 06. BOIDS and Inflationary Expectations


(You can see hump-like bubbles in the graphs below.)

        Nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

        Commercial Area

        Commercial Area

        Commercial Area

        High-grade Residential Area

        Common Residential Area (10km from Tokyo Station)

        Common Residential Area (40km from Tokyo Station)

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